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  • Respect and Love for One Another

    Dr. Joseph Jolly|Updated Sep 2, 2021

    One of the things we have accepted today in our world is that we live in a pluralistic society. This is more noticeable in the larger cities where you see a multiple of people everywhere with different cultural backgrounds, different religious beliefs and who keep their own traditions. In a pluralistic society there is racism by the mainstream society towards a minority or marginalized people. Native people in the past, and even today, have been marginalized along with immigra...

  • Relationship Reflections

    Dr. Joseph Jolly|Updated Jun 7, 2021

    My wife Sheila and I were a mismatched couple when we first started going out together. She was shy, quiet and hardly spoke, while I was just the opposite. She did not drink or smoke, and she didn't like anyone to get drunk. She didn't want to see me if I was drinking so I quit, which surprised my friends. Her lifestyle was opposite to the kind of life I lived. She was like a lamb in her sweet innocence-and I was the big bad wolf. She was brought up in the church and was...

  • A Look at A Father and Son Relation

    Dr. Joseph Jolly|Updated Mar 27, 2021

    The birth of our son Joseph Seth was truly an extraordinary answer to prayer, and we call him our "miracle baby." He was born 25 years after Sheila and I married, and his birth has been one of the greatest blessings in our marriage. When he was a baby, Joseph was dedicated to the Lord by Associate Pastor Randy Jost at the Metropolitan Bible Church in Ottawa. Sheila and I were so thankful to God for giving us a son, and we made a commitment to raise him up in the fear of the...

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