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  • NAMMY-nominated flutist and graphic designer Jermaine White Elk

    Dr. Dawn Karima|Updated Sep 9, 2016

    Chippewa-Cree/Dakota Sioux performer Jermaine White Elk recently sat down for a visit to discuss his music and art. A NAMMY-nominated traditional flutist, White Elk is also noted for his artistic endeavors and graphic designs. This devoted recording artist continues to be a leader and mentor throughout Native America. DK: Your music is stirring! It has such strength and energy. How did you begin your musical career? JWE: Thank you very much! I began my flute playing when my...

  • Mighty Man of Valor

    Dr. Dawn Karima|Updated Jul 19, 2016

    Geronimo. Victorio. Lozen. The list of Apache heroes looms large throughout Native American history. A contemporary Apache hero has won a great honor that will permit him to join the line of Apache Warriors with a tremendous achievement. Robin Hairston is the winner of the SAIGE AWARD, the Society of American Indian Government Employees Meritorious Service Award that is given for exceptional service that is demonstrated by distinguished Native Federal Government Employees....

  • Kelly Montijo Fink takes us on her musical journey

    Interviewed by Dr. Dawn Karima|Updated Mar 24, 2016

    DK: We are visiting with Kelly Montijo Fink "White Sparrow," Mexican, Apache, and Spanish, a wife, mother, adjunct Spanish professor, singer-songwriter, and creative artist. She has multiple Native American Music Award nominations and won a NAMMY for an album that she co-produced as "Best Compilation CD" in 2011 with her song "More" as the featured track. Discography: Heartbeat of the Creator (2008), Songs of War & Victory (2010), The Color of Hope (collaborative work 2011),...

  • The Rise and Popularity of Tiger Tiger

    Dr. Dawn Karima|Updated Jan 17, 2016

    Q) How do you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it yet? What gives your music such a powerful sound? A) My music reflects my past experiences with all types of music, such as classical early rock and roll, like Elvis, Buddy Holly, or Ritchie Valens, and other pop stars during the Rock 'n Roll era and during the '60s, the so-called British Invasion of the Beatles and Rolling Stones and others in combination with R&B and Blues that I used to perform for a living...

  • Frizzo El Mero Mero

    Interview by Dr. Dawn Karima Pettigrew|Updated Jan 17, 2015

    Q You are truly busy and productive these days!Tell us about yourself? A My name is Frizzo El Mero Mero. Rap artist doing it big for all the people who can relate and enjoy the music I put out. Q Tell us about your music career? A Started performing at age 16 all over the southwest areas. Produced many demo CDs and released many albums. Have a couple available on iTunes, Google Play, etc. One of my favorite accomplishments was opening up for Baby Bash and MC magic with Low Pro...