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Move over, Job

Sometimes when I'm struggling and everything seems to go wrong and I'm feeling sorry for myself, I compare myself to Job, in the Bible. OK, I don't have boils and my sheep and... — Updated 6/3/2019


The Legend of the Rabbit and the Deer

An old Cherokee legend tells the story of how what we want isn't always what is best for us. A long time ago, all the animals lived together in peace. Since they all lived in... — Updated 4/5/2019


A Gold Star Day

I'm glad 2018 is over. It was one of the worst years of my life, it wasn't the worst, but it was in the top five list of worst years. My family went through a lot of unexpected... — Updated 2/1/2019


The Broken Doll

I was in a junk store a few years ago, it's one of my favorite places to shop. I like used books, and sometimes I find an odd cup or old plate that catches my fancy. Everything in t... — Updated 11/24/2018


The Legend of Young Beaver

"Life isn't fair!" Tayanita, Young Beaver complained. "I work all day gnawing down trees and building dams while the other animals in the forest do nothing but eat and sleep. How I... — Updated 9/10/2018


I Wish I'd Known You

Lately I've realized all the people I knew when I was young have long since passed away. As a child, I had no idea these "old" people around me had lived rich, exciting, even... — Updated 7/17/2018


Bits and Pieces

I saw the moving van parked in front of the house across the street and knew it wasn’t a good sign. Molly had lived in that house 50 years until she became ill and her family plac... — Updated 5/21/2018


The Legend of Big Foot

Legends about Big Foot or Sasquatch have been around for hundreds of years. If you mention Big Foot, everyone immediately knows who or what you are talking about. Most people don't... — Updated 3/16/2018


Happy New Year-Indian Style

Every year I celebrate the Kickapoo New Year. It comes randomly on a different date every year so my family and friends never know when they'll get a call from me saying, "Happy... — Updated 1/4/2018


Giving our best at Christmas

I was excited. I was going to have a Christmas party for the first time in years. I'd invited six ladies in my church, and I'd bought a gift and a beautiful candle for each of... — Updated 11/16/2017


The Second Arrow

The Second Arrow By Crying Wind My neighbor Charlie enjoys archery and has a target set up in his back yard. Sometimes I watch him shooting arrows at balloons or apples or even... — Updated 10/5/2017


The Ojibway Legend of the Dandelion and the South Wind

Shawondasee, the South Wind was blowing across a meadow in the early spring when he saw a beautiful maiden with golden hair and wrapped in a green blanket. He fell in love with... — Updated 7/15/2017


A little kindness

I dropped the envelope into the mailbox. Once a week for nine years I’d sent a letter to my aunt Amelia. Most people thought Amelia was a spinster but she’d been married one... — Updated 5/12/2017


The Legend of Turtle Woman

The Kaw Indians never lived far from a river because they knew if the deer and antelope became scarce they could always depend on the river being full of fish. Food was so... — Updated 3/13/2017


A New Calendar

I like calendars. Most people don’t use them anymore as they keep track of dates and appointments on their phones. I’m old-fashioned and I like a calendar hanging on the wall... — Updated 1/9/2017


The Year I Forgot Christmas

It seems impossible anyone could forget Christmas when every store is filled with decorations and TV programs are showing Christmas stories and Christmas music is playing on the... — Updated 11/14/2016


I told six lies today

Sometimes there is a fine line between being honest and being mean. I’ve known people who brag about always being honest but their remarks are often critical and cruel. When... — Updated 9/9/2016



It has never been easier to trace our ancestors and our family tree. With computers and DNA and dozens of businesses who will trace your family tree for you, what used to take... — Updated 7/19/2016


Reach Out

Every morning I stand on my porch and toss peanuts to four squirrels that live in the trees in my yard. The squirrels listen for my door to open and scurry out of the bushes and... — Updated 5/14/2016


The Legend of the Partridge

All the song birds in the forest had stopped singing. They were afraid of a giant hawk that had just moved into the forest and was killing the small songbirds. They stopped singing... — Updated 3/23/2016


I ate a bug

I ate a bug—not just any bug. I ate a roach. The memory still makes me shiver. My friend, Francis, was one of those people who just never seemed to get a break. When she was... — Updated 1/16/2016


What was your best gift?

Most of us will say we don’t really care about getting gifts for Christmas and that gifts aren’t important and aren’t the true meaning of Christmas. However, I think most of... — Updated 11/14/2015


How high can you jump?

Snow Flower watched her son as he sat on a log with his head down. She knew once again Little Fox had been left behind as the other young boys went off to play. Little Fox was... — Updated 9/10/2015


Why the Coyote is Free

Coyote sat on the rocky mesa and howled at the moon. He was sure no other animal on earth could be as happy as he was. He was free. He ate when he was hungry. Slept when he was... — Updated 8/1/2015


Keeping a Promise

Two years ago my daughter Spring Storm, asked me to make a buckskin shirt for her. She said she wanted dark leather, long fringe with tin cones on it and she wanted bead work with... — Updated 5/12/2015


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