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 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint 

It's about identity

Our world is a mess. Nations are warring against nations, our leaders don’t seem to know which direction to go, some of our communities are ransacked by violence and terrorist acts, families are broken, and people are searching,... — Updated 05/12/2017

 By Frank Dragon    Viewpoint 

Being Honest with Ourselves

I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about honesty and I still struggle because even within the past day, there is still a degree of a lack of honesty. And discernment... — Updated 05/12/2017

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Welcoming angels unawares

I wish I could have been there when the first ship rolled in Too bad we had to wait so long for knowledge we needed when they decided to take their newly discovered land, no matter... — Updated 03/13/2017

 By J. Lee Grady    Viewpoint

Don't close your heart to refugees

My friend Matt Hyde lives in Boise, Idaho, a city that is 89 percent white. After he became the pastor of Discovery Church in 2013, he learned that refugees from many countries... — Updated 03/13/2017


Letters from Our Readers

STANDING ROCK I have subscribed to Indian Life for many years and share it with my Indian and “white” friends as well as folks in jail. It has been a real encouragement to all. Your last issue (Jan-Feb 2017) is informative and... — Updated 03/13/2017


Love and goodness

Love is so attracted to goodness that it automatically rejects evil. Love always and only recognizes evil as a corruption of the world. When we fill our minds and our lives with what is good, evil will have no place. For this is... — Updated 03/13/2017

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

2017-An opportunity for recovery and hope

2017 began like the last day of 2016. The sun rose and life seemed to go on pretty much as before. While we're accustomed to dire predictions for the future at the end of each... — Updated 01/9/2017

 By Roger Palms    Viewpoint


Years ago I knew two brothers who farmed their land together. One of them had lost both legs fighting in the Korean War. The other brother had lost an arm in a farm-machinery... — Updated 01/9/2017

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

The U.S. Election is over... It's time to turn the page...

After almost two years of non-stop political talk and TV, radio and newspaper advertising filling the media, it is finally over. The voters have spoken and the American people have a new president and vice president-elect. And... — Updated 11/14/2016



I sit on my bunk, lights off, tears flowing uncontrollably. My mind races back and forth, making it next to impossible to focus on a single thought. Loneliness smothers me from neck to toes, my head just above it. I’ve been like... — Updated 11/14/2016

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Race and Reconciliation-A New Chapter

Evangelicals or those we like to refer to as “followers of Jesus” are sensitive to what we call “God moments”—when circumstances fall together in a way that suggests God is at work in our lives in a fresh way. These... — Updated 09/9/2016


Letters from our readers

I love your publication and what I like is that it gives me ideas on how to help my son who has an addiction he is trying so hard to battle with. As a Mom, I will never give up on him, so I try to help in showing him the stories... — Updated 09/9/2016

 By Mark Charles    Viewpoint

Creator "resets" mass event to show who's really in control

Ya'at'eeh. My name is Mark Charles and I am the son of an American woman of Dutch heritage and a Navajo man. After living on the Navajo reservation for more than a decade, last... — Updated 09/9/2016

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Looking beyond Orlando

We were shocked to wake up that Sunday morning in June to hear of the horrific shootings in Orlando that killed 49 people. Our expressions of sympathy go to the families and friends of all those gunned down in another senseless... — Updated 07/19/2016

 By J. Lee Grady    Viewpoint

What if someone had shared Jesus with the Orlando mass killer?

America has been in mourning for days. We’ve cried for the 49 victims of the senseless Orlando shooting. We’ve prayed for the families and friends of the innocent people who died in the Pulse nightclub, and the 53 others who... — Updated 07/19/2016

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Does anyone really care?

Life has dealt a series of crises in North America, if not the world. In recent days Canadians attention has been fixed on the states of emergencies declared in Pimicikamak Cree... — Updated 05/14/2016


Being a Thomas

It was routine by now. I’d gone through the same steps many times. No nerves. No worries. Very relaxed. I knew what to expect and I was ready to get it over with. It was time to remove my toenail again and I wanted no part in... — Updated 05/14/2016

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Who's telling the truth?

Have you been watching the political ads or the debates on TV or following election results recently? Better yet, have you been voting? In the United States, the battles have gone... — Updated 03/23/2016


2016: Acknowledge Past Wrongs and Move Forward into the Light

What a year 2015 was. With its highs and lows, good and evil, many are glad that we have closed the door on one of the most volatile years in recent memory. As we stepped across the threshold of a new year, there was a lot of... — Updated 01/16/2016


The Zoo Cage Prophet

"Down, down! Everyone on the yard, down!” came the voice screaming over the loud speakers. Sirens wailing, officers running from every direction, straight toward us. Minutes before this event took place, ten brothers in Jesus... — Updated 01/16/2016

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Creator's Fire

The fact that you are alive and reading this at this moment is proof that Creator has a plan and purpose for your life. God put you on a path. Perhaps you aren’t walking on that path and maybe you don’t even know what that path... — Updated 01/16/2016

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

The earthquake that shook Canada

The political ground shook in Canada on October 19, 2015, when the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper was resoundingly defeated by the Liberal Party. It was kind of a David and Goliath story of biblical proportions.... — Updated 11/14/2015


Baby Gophers and Sin

The handwritten sign on the wall caught my eye: "Baby gophers for trade; $2 in Top Ramen; Beef-flavored only; See Big Chato." My cell mate had already told me about the sign, but I... — Updated 11/14/2015

 By J. Lee Grady    Viewpoint

The Urgent Crisis of the American Male

Just one day before a crazed young gunman killed nine people in Oregon last week, police arrested four males who planned to go on a bloody rampage at their high school in central... — Updated 11/14/2015

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Healing the Land through mutual affection and trust

North America's Indigenous Peoples know that The Land is very important. In fact, in most First Nations societies, land is sacred. There is little doubt that our land is being... — Updated 09/10/2015


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