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Letters from our readers

WILD HOGS Thank you so much for the Bible. It’s so much easier for me to understand. Now as for wild hogs, they’re all over Florida. I’ve been hunting them since a very young age, not much deer meat even though I’ve learned... — Updated 05/12/2017


How to be a better man

Recently, a woman who had recovered from breast cancer spoke with a group of women and praised her husband saying: "Richard is my blessing!" Then she shared a deeply moving story... — Updated 05/12/2017


The Zoo Cage Prophet

"Hey, Pastor. Can you pray for me? Hey … hey, Pastor! Over here.” My first cell mate had just been released from the hole and back to a regular yard. I had been alone for about 15 minutes. My inner self was praising God and my... — Updated 05/12/2017


A Choice for Life

A beautiful young Native American girl sat alone deep in prayer about a choice she would have to make that would affect the rest of her life. She was a slender fifteen-year-old... — Updated 05/12/2017


Laugh Again

I love to win. I imagine you do too. I don’t meet many who say, “Some of my fondest memories involve being clobbered in checkers and belted at backgammon.” You don’t hear sports fans chanting, “We’re number two!... — Updated 05/12/2017

 By Frank Dragon    Perspectives 

Fear not: this too shall pass

I just wanted to offer my condolences to the families that are going through the tragic losses felt across North America. My love, thoughts and prayers to everyone from... — Updated 05/12/2017

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives 

Guilty as charged!

It was very good to be off Good Friday and Easter Monday so I hit the road to visit my family in a neighboring province. Two hours into my trip, I saw flashing lights coming at me... — Updated 05/12/2017

 By Sue Carlisle    Perspectives 

Mountain splendor

I surveyed the land around me as I sat on a flat rock halfway up the grassy hill. The forest across the river below gave way to snowcapped peaks. Bluebirds added vibrant accents to... — Updated 05/12/2017

 By Crying Wind    Perspectives 

A little kindness

I dropped the envelope into the mailbox. Once a week for nine years I’d sent a letter to my aunt Amelia. Most people thought Amelia was a spinster but she’d been married one... — Updated 05/12/2017


Healing the Heart by Dealing with Anxiety

Over the past year I have been dealing with an unexpected problem in my life. As far as my role as husband, father, pastor, Bible teacher, and student is concerned, I am very... — Updated 05/12/2017


Madonna Thunderhawk (b. 1940)

Madonna Thunderhawk is a member of the Oohenumpa Band of the Cheyenne River Sioux. Reared within the restrictive environment of the boarding school era (1860-1978), she was an... — Updated 05/12/2017


Healing the Heart through the Psalms

In the book of Jesus there is a book written by several of our spiritual ancestors from the time of King David. In this book called The Psalms there are people crying out to God to... — Updated 03/13/2017


Walking from Wrongs to Rights

Three years ago last September, 70,000 Vancouverites took to the streets in the “Walk for Reconciliation,” committing to a new relationship between “settlers” and Indigenous Peoples. In October 2016, we took another step... — Updated 03/13/2017


The Legend of Turtle Woman

The Kaw Indians never lived far from a river because they knew if the deer and antelope became scarce they could always depend on the river being full of fish. Food was so... — Updated 03/13/2017


How to keep winning the battle against your heart

"Be sober; be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." -First Peter 5:8 (If you don't believe me, then this... — Updated 03/13/2017


Amazing Creator!

I often find it difficult to match my space travel with my daily life. I don’t travel as fast as people living on the equator; they ride the earth’s rotation at 1,000 miles an... — Updated 03/13/2017



There are seven wonders of the world. But for a child there are millions. We were in a mall and my granddaughter couldn’t get over how many people there were. She had to say hi to everyone. And bye too. People were laughing. She... — Updated 03/13/2017


When people desire security over liberty

I've heard a lot of talk about safety and security lately. When it comes to the security of our homeland, I think of the poster that can be found at powwows, rodeos, and Native... — Updated 03/13/2017


The Zoo Cage Prophet

Two feet of humid air separated us in the six-man shower. I really didn’t know him well, but the look in his eyes indicated he thought he knew me. One thing was for sure, though; I wasn’t interested in striking up a... — Updated 03/13/2017


Help, I've fallen!

Recently I put on skates for the first time in about six years. I played it safe and ended my session without hitting the ice. During my second skate, I managed to trip and landed pretty hard. Thankfully a little boy, about five... — Updated 03/13/2017


Making a Dent

After reading about Joshua Heath and the Anonymous boy (November-December 2016 issue), I need to get this off of my past and hope to help in stopping this from going on again. I was told that this priest had been sent to jail,... — Updated 03/13/2017


The Old Yellow Pickup

We paid more for the old truck than we should have. It died the first time out of the yard. We should have returned it; but then we would have set ourselves at odds with the old man who sold it, and we were too vulnerable to chance... — Updated 01/9/2017

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

White as Snow

Weather experts in Manitoba told us that we just had the snowiest December in a century. When the snowstorms passed, there was a beautiful array of winter scenery everywhere we... — Updated 01/9/2017


Never Cliché

Sports interviews can be very entertaining. Golfer Greg Norman once said, “I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father.” Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees said: “Therapy can be a good thing. It can... — Updated 01/9/2017


Simple Blessings

When sadness comes and firmly clings I try to think of pleasant things Bringing memories to my mind Happy thoughts of every kind Like hiking trails without a care Pure white snow... — Updated 01/9/2017


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