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Unexpected Treasures

This week I received a priceless gift from a woman I’ve never met. Gretchen attends the same church I attended as a teenager. I haven’t been back to that church since I was... — Updated 9/28/2013


Why the Owl Hunts at Night

I heard something thumping and banging in the lobby of the building where I live. I went outside into the hallway and saw a young sparrow in the hallway and he was flying against... — Updated 7/27/2013


White Flower and the Warriors

Long ago there was a beautiful Cherokee maiden named White Flower. Three braves were in love with her, Big Elk, Thunder Sky and Winter Wolf. White Flower loved all three of them... — Updated 5/25/2013


How the Animals Got in the Sky

There is an old legend about a gentle young woman named Autumn Sunset who loved all the creatures in the forest. She could talk to the birds and the deer and the rabbits and no... — Updated 3/17/2013


Changing My Life in a Week

I spend too much time alone and my world and my life have become small. I read a self-help book that said if I was in a rut and I wasn’t happy with my life, to do three new... — Updated 1/19/2013


God Bless Us, Every One!

I have a nativity set I put out on my table every Christmas. The three wise men are pretty worn. One is missing a nose and one had his head broken off and glued back on but it is... — Updated 12/15/2012


Christmas in Alaska

What was Christmas like for you when you were a kid?” Don asked. “We didn’t celebrate Christmas. We didn’t believe in God,” I answered. “Lots of people celebrate... — Updated 12/20/2012


“But You’re An Indian...!”

People ask me the strangest questions. Why don’t you live in a teepee? Why don’t you make a pair of moccasins for me? Why don’t you know how to cook a buffalo? Why don’t... — Updated 9/26/2012


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